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How QSRs Personalize Ordering Experiences With Kiosks

How QSRs Personalize Ordering With Kiosks

Taco Bell is among the major restaurant brands that has teamed with delivery service provider Grubhub to reach customers. Beyond its delivery efforts, the company is bringing self-ordering digital kiosks to its restaurants across the country. And, in other retail news, Postmates is working with merchants beyond restaurants such as Walgreens. All this, Today in Data.


3,500: Minimum number of cities Postmates serves.

$863B: Predicted value of restaurant industry sales by the end of the year.

174: Number of Duane Reed and Walgreens locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan from which Postmates plans to deliver products.

80%: Anticipated growth rate of the restaurant industry’s off-premise spending by 2025.

6.5%: Projected CAGR of online food delivery revenue from 2019 - 2023.