Today In Data

Today In Data: New Year, New Efficiencies

The new year is here, and a new lease on efficiency and streamlining is loose in the payments and commerce ecosystem. Merchants are doubling down on mobile point of sale and streamlining checkout in physical stores. Businesses are focusing on stronger spend management, and making paper-based systems a thing of the past. Governments are trying to pick up the pace of payments all around the world. And at the CES in Vegas this week, the latest and greatest in gadget upgrades to make our lives easier are on display.


$26 billion: Projected 2018 revenue of the global mPOS market.

62 percent: Share of merchants that intend to increase their mPOS systems’ usage by the end of 2019.

43 percent: Share of expense report line items over $100 that were flagged.

6: The number of years it took Australia’s New Payments Platform (NPP) to go from concept to reality.

4: The number of days the Consumer Electronics Show is going on in Vegas.