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Powering Digital Innovation With Delivery And Order-Ahead

Digital Innovation With Delivery And Order-Ahead

Fast-casual restaurant groups are teaming with eCommerce firms to offer on-demand delivery via digital technology. Dine Brands, in one case, is partnering with Postmates to offer delivery from thousands of locations. And in mobile order-ahead news, the rush to digital and mobile ordering is benefiting many restaurants. Dunkin’, for instance, just announced the addition of a guest ordering offering amid a rise in on-the-go mobile orders. All this, Today in Data.


500,000: Minimum number of restaurants, grocery/convenience stores and traditional retailers from which Postmates offers on-demand delivery.

3,500: Approximate number of cities in which Postmates operates.

90 percent: Share of consumers who are unwilling to wait longer than 10 minutes for food ordered via mobile app.

25 percent: Share of drivers who are already on their phones when pulling into drive-thru lanes.

18M: Minimum number of on-the-go mobile orders Dunkin’ processed in Q3.