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The Ongoing Game Of Innovation Whack-a-Mole 

The Ongoing Game Of Innovation Whack-a-Mole

Solving problems in the digital era is a bit like playing whack-a-mole – no matter how many one hits, a new one is always popping up. Hackers are no longer simple criminals, and are instead often state-backed actors. SMBs find it hard to secure funds and keep them flowing. Negative interest bonds keep popping up worldwide. And bank accounts are being hacked from space. The good news? The next generation of solutions is under construction. Now, the question is how long the wait will be, and how long before the next mole pops up.


$16-$17 trillion: Amount of negative interest debt worldwide.

150 million: Average number of transactions processed by Visa per day.

79 percent: Share of SMBs that report faltering due to cash flow issues.

55 percent: Share of consumers who report they would keep their password even if it were compromised.

20: Number of automated grocery order fulfillment centers Kroger intends to build in the U.S. by 2021.