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Celebrating Small Business Week With Innovation

Celebrating Small Business Week With Innovation

A little under half of the American workforce is employed by small businesses, and the majority of those workers are employed by very small businesses – those with less than 100 workers. We’re celebrating those businesses this week in the U.S., both for the contributions they make and the innovations they will introduce going forward – in commerce, mobile payments, mobile point of sale systems and beyond.


30.2 billion: Number of SMBs open for business in the U.S.

96 percent: Share of SMBs that see revenue drop in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

45 percent: Share of consumer services firms that view innovations as crucial to their survival.

26 percent: Share of merchants that report being “very” or “extremely” interested in smart POS payments.

3 percent: Share of U.S. retail sales made with mobile wallets.