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Challenges For Retail Reopenings, eCommerce

Challenges For Retail Reopenings, eCommerce

Retail reopening efforts continued to bring in light foot traffic, as Florida joined Texas in letting nonessential stores reopen. In online shopping, returns are the bane of eCommerce existence in the best of times, and they have become even more complicated with varying return policies due to COVID-19. And in health, online pharmacies are providing over-the-counter medicines at a time when shoppers might not be visiting physical stores. All this, Today in Data.


56%: Share of all apparel and shoes that are returned, per pre-crisis numbers.

42%: Portion of retailers that have paused their pick-up and return in-store services.

30: Number of OTC medicines Cabinet offers with FDA-approved ingredients.

25%: Share of all eCommerce purchases that are sent back on average, per pre-crisis numbers.

13: Number of stores that reopened at Tampa Premium Outlets out of a total of 110.