D2C, Bridge Millennial Shopping Habits Amid The Pandemic 

D2C, Bridge Millennial Shopping Habits

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) haircare brand eSalon has seen a growth spike as the U.S. and Europe have continued social restrictions due to the pandemic. And bridge millennials are nearly twice as likely as the average consumer to utilize voice-activated technology to make purchases, as they are the first generation of consumers who have grown up with connected devices and are accustomed to shopping and paying with them. All this, Today in Data.


235K: Minimum number of unique hair color combinations that eSalon has created and delivered.

83.1%: Share of bridge millennials who have cited the need to keep safe from the pandemic as “very” or “extremely” important.

36: Average age of bridge millennial consumers, who have established themselves as an important economic subset.

$22: Price of each shipment in the eSalon subscription model.

14%: Share of all voice-assisted purchases made while consumers are doing other things around the house.