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Fueling Growth In Commerce With Digital Innovations

Fueling Commerce Growth With Digital Innovations

Loyalty programs with attractive incentives have always been effective tools in helping to drive business for quick-service restaurants. They have become essential to attracting and retaining customers amid lockdown measures, while investments in app development have enabled QSRs to provide fast and convenient touchless ordering. And technology innovations over the last many decades, as well as its quick acceleration during the last 10 years, have created the foundation for economic growth. All this, Today in Data.


$120B: Amount lost by the restaurant industry during the first three months of the pandemic.

104M: Number of Americans who want digital-first methods to comprise at least some of their new routines.

32%: Share of consumers who prefer using restaurants’ mobile apps to order meals.

25 seconds: Amount by which McDonald’s has reportedly cut its average drive-thru wait times during the pandemic.

$2.7B: Value of a reported all-stock deal in which Uber announced it had acquired delivery service Postmates.