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Giving A Dose Of Innovation To Healthcare And Pharmacies


Healthcare providers must often wait to get paid by insurance company partners for the patient treatments they have already administered, but digital tools and new approaches can help them take charge of payments. And, in retail, pharmacy retailers are aiming to help consumers manage chronic diseases as well as their overall health and wellness through new experiences. CVS Health, in one case, debuted its HealthHUB store design in 16 CVS Pharmacy locations to serve the Atlanta area. All this, Today in Data.

Today in Data


2,500: Square footage of “Village Medical at Walgreens” branded clinics.
$250 billion: Typical cost to process 30 billion healthcare transactions.
16: Number of CVS Pharmacy locations where CVS Health was debuting its HealthHUB store design to serve the Greater Atlanta area.
$12.8 million: Value of healthcare providers’ 2018 unreimbursed and uncompensated care costs.
$2.3 billon: Estimated annual savings as a result of digitized claims status inquiries.