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Innovating With Digital Fitness And Commerce Platforms

Innovating With Digital Fitness, Commerce

Connected fitness has a new competitor in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) company Liteboxer. The firm’s hardware looks nothing like a punching bag – it comes with six circular lights embedded in its surface, which users punch as they blink to get a workout. And in bank regulation, open banking is developing at a fast clip in Brazil, while the pandemic may have sped up the digital banking shift in many markets beyond the region. All this, Today in Data.


$1,495: Sale price of Liteboxer’s connected fitness equipment.

86%: Share of global banks seeking to use APIs for open banking within the next year.

45M: Approximate number of consumers in Brazil who are currently unbanked.

23%: Share of U.S. consumers who expect to do a majority of their shopping online after the pandemic.

$6M: Amount of funding Liteboxer has raised so far.