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Innovative Approaches To Unattended Retail And Apparel Resale

Innovation In Unattended Retail, Apparel Resale

 Consumers are interested in unattended commerce – and not only soda and candy from vending machines. They are looking to purchase all sorts of products and services via unattended retail channels like kiosks, vending machines and automated stores. However, only a smaller segment of that population has actually purchased anything through those channels over the past three months. And in apparel retail, the resale market is reinventing itself for 2020, with Nordstrom taking a multichannel approach. All this, Today in Data.

Today in DataData:

2009: The year that secondhand clothing platform thredUP was founded.

78.1 percent: Share of digital wallet users who want to make non-traditional unattended purchases.

56M: Number of women who bought secondhand items in 2018.

49.4 percent: Portion of unattended retail shoppers who use those channels because they are fast.

48.6M: Number of U.S. consumers who would like to buy non-traditional items via unattended channels.