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Opportunities And Challenges In Retail And Banking 

Opportunities And Challenges In Retail, Banking experienced a surge in net revenues for its most recent quarter amid a pandemic-bolstered rise in eCommerce. In personal finance, average consumer-level credit card balances have fallen during the course of the pandemic. And in banking technology, a sizable number of consumers in the United States don’t use mobile banking apps because they are dissatisfied with the user experience of those programs. All this, Today in Data.


$5,075: Average consumer-level credit card balance as of Q3 2020.

68%: Portion of banking app users who want transaction-specific authentication for added security.

47.7M: Approximate number of U.S. consumers who don’t use mobile banking apps because they are dissatisfied with the user experience.

38%: Share of consumers depositing checks who are more likely to do so via app than before the pandemic.

$25.7B: Amount of’s Q3 net revenues amid a pandemic-boosted surge in eCommerce.