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The Power Of Experiences And Subscriptions In Retail

Experiences And Subscriptions In Retail

Experiential marketing is one of the most commonly discussed and executed strategies in the 2020 connected commerce world. Anthropologie, for its part, is renowned for its creativity and innovation in experiential marketing, while Macy’s is focusing on experiential stores as part of its comeback plan for the year. And in subscriptions, eCommerce innovators such as The Tool Chest are curating a selection of supplies and tools to help consumers with their home improvement projects. All this, Today in Data.


6,300: Minimum number of attendee check-ins at all Anthropologie events in 2019.

73 percent: Share of millennials who are doing DIY home improvement.

50 percent: Portion of consumers who brought on a professional for a home improvement project.

25: Number of locations where Anthropologie ran a fashion show in March 2019.

19 percent: Growth rate of “experience-driven” brands, per one recent report.