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Renting Furniture, Smartphone Chargers With Retail Innovation

Renting Furniture And Chargers With Innovation

Furniture is helping to build a larger retail ecosystem, with the value proposition of Oliver Space centered around providing furnishings, along with design help, to consumers who are moving. The company, for its part, provides furniture to customers in exchange for monthly fees from customers. And in technology rentals, kiosks with rentable chargers are everywhere in China, and companies such as Rabbit are offering them in the United States. All this, Today in Data.


2017: The year IKEA bought TaskRabbit.

$39.99: Cost at which consumers can buy a Rabbit charger.

14: Approximate number of hours that Oliver Space has operated a live chat service.

$4.99: Daily maximum cost of renting a carrot charger from Rabbit.

2: Number of charges that Rabbit’s power packs can provide to a phone.