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Restaurants Tap Into Mobile Order-Ahead Innovations

Restaurants Tap Into Mobile Ordering Innovations

Consumers are using mobile order-ahead for additional purposes beyond ordering and payment, as they tap into apps to search for menu items and coupons. But fraudsters continue to haunt the mobile order-ahead space, which is concerning for restaurants and diners who use mobile apps. The latest digital ordering developments, however, include techniques to limit coupon fraud damages. All, this Today in Data.

Today in DataData:

650 percent: Increase in the popularity of cauliflower crust pizza orders on Grubhub from 2018 to 2019.

42 percent: Share of consumers who use mobile order-ahead services to find coupons.

38 percent: Portion of consumers who use mobile order-ahead services to look up menu items.

34 percent: Share of Americans who prefer ordering takeout or delivery to eating on-premises.

18 percent: Portion of restaurant apps that offered mobile order-ahead as of April 2019.