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Shifts In Digital Commerce And Consumer Spending

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Target reported Q2 earnings that suggested the digital shift is moving from a COVID-19 phenomenon to a consistent reality. In the overall economy, the U.S. Census Bureau reported a jump in retail eCommerce sales for Q2. And in education retail, the grim reality of uneven consumer spending patterns has reshaped back-to-school sales projections. All this, Today in Data.



$200.7B: Retail eCommerce sales for Q2 on an unadjusted basis, as reported by the Census Bureau.

63%: Proportion of consumers who expect some school and college classes to take place online this year.

24.3%: Target’s comp store sales growth in Q2.

16.1%: Portion of total U.S. retail spending comprised by eCommerce.

10M: Number of new digital customers Target has added since Jan. 1.