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Supporting Malls And Subscribers With Digital Features

Supporting Malls And Subscribers With Digital Features

Alibaba-owned Lazada is bringing virtual mall technology to shopping centers in Southeast Asia. The unique business model could provide a blueprint for struggling malls in the United States. And in recurring payments, flexible features are becoming more important for subscription providers as many consumers are wary about their finances, and some feel they are juggling too many plans. All this, Today in Data.


167.1M: Number of U.S. consumers who subscribe to at least one subscription service.

100: Minimum number of tenants in three Pakuwon Group malls in Indonesia that are going live on Lazada.

43%: Amount by which department stores have increased their debt this year to bolster their liquidity during COVID-19.

31%: Increase in U.S. consumers who signed up for streaming services between March and May.

4.2M: Number of subscription cancellations that could be averted by providing a “pause” option.