Grover’s Tech Rental Hits US, ShipBob Focuses on Improving D2C, Improving eCommerce Sales Results

Shopping Online

Grover brings tech rental to the U.S. after a successful run in Europe. Plus, why eCommerce searches need to focus more on improving sales results rather than speed, and ShipBob’s CEO says D2C companies must ensure that fulfillment is part of their process.


$200M: Amount of ShipBob’s recent Series E fundraising round.

29M: Number of Americans who have used BNPL to make purchases.

54%: Share of consumers who believe it’s more important to reduce their carbon footprint since the pandemic began.

$300B: Estimated amount of eCommerce sales lost due to search abandonment.

80%: Portion of U.S. consumers who are registered for at least one subscription service.