Positive Trends In Retail Innovation And Digital Sales


Finesse is harnessing data analysis, 3D imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) to take on the traditional fashion industry. In mergers, the announced combination of Goodyear and Cooper Tire is set to raise the bar in the profitable aftermarket retail services vertical, while in department stores, Macy’s reported financial results were led by a rise in digital sales and delivery costs. And in holiday shopping trends, most gift purchasing took place online last year. All this, Today in Data.


83%: Share of consumers who did some or all of their holiday shopping online.

60: Approximate number of factories that the combined Goodyear and Cooper Tire companies would have.

25%: Rough share of Macy’s digital sales that were fulfilled by stores in the fourth quarter.

$6.8B: Macy’s net sales for the three months that ended Jan. 30.

$4.5M: Amount Finesse has raised in pre-seed and seed investment.