How KYC Automation Can Ease Online Gaming Platforms' Compliance Headaches

AML/KYC Tracker®

The growth of online gaming within the past 18 months has been both a boon and bane as both players and fraudsters have flocked to gaming platforms — creating new compliance headaches for operators. In the AML/KYC Tracker®,” a PYMNTS and Trulioo collaboration, Chris Justice, president of casino payment platform Global Payments Gaming Solutions, discusses how automating KYC verification and running multiple counterfeit checks can help quickly onboard customers and ward off potential fraudsters.

Inside the October Tracker
  • An interview with Chris Justice, president of Global Payments Gaming Solutions, on how casinos and online gaming operators can leverage digital payments technology and web-based AML/KYC tools to help ease customer onboarding and payments while complying with regulatory requirements
  • Recent headlines from the AML and KYC space, including how 81 percent of FIs worldwide expect to face more intense AML compliance scrutiny in the years ahead and why a Swedish regulatory body is issuing new AML guidance for online gaming operators
  • A Deep Dive examining what is driving consumers’ rush to online gaming and gambling, how this shift is leading to increased money laundering activity and how AML and KYC processes can help curb cyber threats

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