Cardknox Integrates ID TECH Self-Service Terminals for Unattended Retail Improvements

unattended retail

Omnichannel payment gateway Cardknox on Wednesday (Jan. 26) integrated with ID TECH’s VP6300 and the VP6800 self-service payment terminals to broaden its support of unattended retail, the companies announced in a joint press release.

“With the growing demand for cashless and contactless payment options, self-service payment terminals offer merchants increased opportunities to capture sales while providing consumers with a frictionless payment experience,” the joint announcement said.

Cardknox has a suite of unattended retail solutions to support kiosk and vending machine transactions as well as electronics vending, attraction ticketing, car purchases, parking facilities, public transportation and more.

Recent PYMNTS research shows that the unattended retail market could grow by up to 70% if the consumers who wanted to make self-service purchases had access to them. Almost two in five consumers (38%) who made their most recent purchases from unattended channels want to use them for non-traditional purchases in the future, our research shows.

Combining the Cardknox payment gateway with the ID TECH’s self-service payment terminals allow merchants to accept multiple payment types; enhance usability with an intuitive interface; operate indoors or outdoors; choose their hardware options; generate reports quickly and get in-house technical support.

“Unattended payment peripherals are a win-win for merchants and consumers,” said Mark Paley, Cardknox vice president of sales, in the joint announcement. “Consumers can complete cashless transactions around-the-clock while merchants enjoy cost savings and increased revenue.”

Related: Cardknox Rolls Out New Option For Processing Online SNAP Payments

In October, Cardknox said its payment gateway integration for eCommerce platforms now supports federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) payments made online.

Last year, the USDA allowed SNAP recipients to pay for their groceries remotely on their smartphones or other devices.

Grocery stores and other retailers must build a digital PIN pad into their online stores in order to process SNAP EBT card payments online, according to USDA regulations. The digital PIN pad ensures that customers can enter their card’s PIN number securely when they are ready to check out online.