The Aetna And Apple Watch Secret Sessions

It can be argued that health and fitness are two of the most important aspects of our daily lives as human beings. Innovative smart technology like wearables has made it easier than ever before to help keep tabs on both.

Two companies that are hoping to bring that health technology to the masses are tech giant Apple and Aetna, a U.S. health insurance company. According to a news report, recently, the two companies held a series of secret sessions to discuss how to bring the Apple Watch to Aetna’s 23 million members and 50,000 employees. As part of Aetna’s corporate wellness program, members and employees would receive a free or discounted Apple Watch — but at this time, the details have not been ironed out.

Executives from both Apple and Aetna, along with chief medical officers from around the United States, gathered late last week in Southern California to discuss how best to broaden health and fitness tracking habits. In these invitation-only meetings, Apple’s special projects’ health representative, Myoung Cha, led the discussions to learn how to help the health insurance company’s employees and members live a healthier life via tracking options through wearables.

While Apple and Aetna declined to comment to the media at this time, many are looking at this proposition as an ideal strategy to help promote a healthier society. If this deal goes through, it is being reported that the roll-out would commence as early as Q1 2018.

The ability to be able to track health stats at a moment’s notice is something that was not possible prior to smartwatches and wearable devices. Through strategic partnerships — like the potential one between Apple and Aetna — both doctors and patients will have a more accurate measure of just how well a person is doing physically, which may save time, money and lives.