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Healthcare Company Forward Begins Rollout of AI-Powered CarePod

AI CarePod portal

Healthcare company Forward has launched CarePod, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered and self-serve unit designed to put individuals in control of their health.

Each Forward CarePod combines advanced diagnostics, personalized health plans and a premium in-person experience, the company said in a press release.

As soon as a user steps into a CarePod, it becomes their personalized gateway to a wide range of apps designed to address current health issues and prevent future ones, according to the release. The pods offer on-demand access to disease detection, biometric body scans, blood testing and other healthcare services.

These pods are being deployed in malls, gyms and offices, the release said. Forward plans to double its footprint by 2024, with CarePods launching nationwide starting in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Chicago and Philadelphia.

One of the key features of Forward’s CarePods is the integration of Health Apps, per the release. These apps leverage proprietary AI technology to transform clinical expertise and the latest medical research into diagnostic tools and robust care plans. Users can engage with these Health Apps not only in Forward CarePods but also through the Forward mobile app.

Health Apps cover a wide range of disease areas, including diabetes, hypertension, depression and anxiety, according to the release. Forward plans to expand the coverage of Health Apps over time, introducing new features such as prenatal care, advanced cancer screening and polygenic risk analysis.

Data from CarePod visits is seamlessly and securely transmitted to Forward’s platform, enabling continuous progress monitoring, disease risk identification and in-depth evaluations using sensors, laboratory tests and vital sign measurements, the release said. Users can access all their health data 24/7 through the Forward mobile app.

Membership plans for Forward start at $99 per month, per the release.

AI-assisted diagnoses have the potential to lead to faster treatment, in turn producing better and more repeatable outcomes, PYMNTS reported in April.

The deep learning capabilities of modern AI have reached the technical tipping point where today’s algorithms can offer healthcare organizations the attractive proposition of helping them make better business decisions, shape better clinical outcomes, and improve patient care and delivery experience.