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Meta Testing More Than 20 Generative AI Features Across Platforms

Meta AI

Meta Platforms is reportedly testing more than 20 generative artificial intelligence (AI) features across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

These features cover various aspects, including search, ads, and business messaging, Bloomberg reported Wednesday (Dec. 6).

The company aims to use AI to revolutionize its social media apps, improve the user experience and encourage users to spend more time on its platforms.

Ahmad Al-Dahle, Meta’s vice president of generative AI, told Bloomberg that the company is committed to building a better community, helping people express themselves and creating more useful products.

“That generally shows up in the metrics if we do a good job,” Al-Dahle said in the report. “We see more usage, positive feedback, people having a good time.”

Recognizing the importance of user engagement for revenue generation, Meta aims to continually provide fresh reasons for users to engage with its apps, according to the report.

However, Meta faces strong competition from platforms like TikTok, which currently boasts higher user engagement rates compared to Meta’s apps, the report said. In addition, competitors like Snap and Adobe have already introduced generative AI-infused chatbots, image editors, and video creators.

To keep up with competitors, Meta is investing billions in infrastructure, talent and development for AI, per the report. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has identified AI as a crucial area for investment and growth within the company.

While much of Meta’s AI work has been behind the scenes, such as building data centers and releasing open-source versions of the Llama large language model that powers chatbots, the company plans to introduce new consumer products next year, according to the report.

For example, Meta AI, a virtual assistant capable of answering questions and generating photorealistic images, will receive additional features, the report said.

Meta is also exploring the integration of Reels and content from third-party services into its chats, expanding the capabilities of its AI Studio for building chatbots, and introducing AI tools for Groups and Marketplace on Facebook, per the report.

Furthermore, the company is expanding its image editing tool, Imagine, beyond chats to a website where users can create free images, the report said. To distinguish AI-generated images, Meta will implement invisible watermarking.

Meta has been introducing AI experiences designed to create some competitive separation from its peers, PYMNTS reported in September. It is doing so at a time when Microsoft, Google, Amazon and OpenAI have focused on generative AI products of their own.