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Microsoft Adds Personalization and Note-Taking Capabilities to AI Assistant


Microsoft has unveiled its latest innovations for Microsoft Copilot, its artificial intelligence (AI) assistant designed to enhance productivity and creativity in both work and personal life.

Copilot for Microsoft 365, which became available for enterprises on Nov. 1, has already gained traction among leading companies, the company said in a Wednesday (Nov. 15) blog post. The early feedback from users shows 70% of users reported increased productivity and 68% noted an improvement in the quality of their work.

One of the new enhancements to Copilot is its ability to personalize the user experience, according to the post. Users can provide details about their role and preferences, allowing Copilot to deliver tailored responses and assistance. This personalization feature is currently available in Word and PowerPoint and will soon be extended to other Microsoft 365 apps.

Copilot also brings advanced mathematical and analysis capabilities to Microsoft 365, the post said. Users can leverage the power of Python in Excel to perform sophisticated mathematical analysis using natural language queries. This integration of Copilot and Excel empowers users to unlock the full potential of data analysis and visualization.

In terms of collaboration, Copilot will become a full participant in Microsoft Teams meetings, helping participants stay focused and engaged, per the post. Beginning next year, Copilot will be able to take notes throughout the meeting, transcribe specific remarks and provide information on demand.

Microsoft Copilot Studio is another addition to the Copilot ecosystem, according to the blog post. It is a low-code tool that allows users to customize Copilot for Microsoft 365 and build standalone copilots. With Copilot Studio, users can create custom conversational capabilities, integrate with other data sources, and manage and secure their customizations and standalone copilots.

To ensure data privacy and security, Copilot for Microsoft 365 inherits existing Microsoft 365 security, privacy, identity and compliance policies, the post said. Users’ data is logically isolated and protected within their Microsoft 365 tenant, and Copilot can only access information that the user has permission to see.

It was reported on Nov. 1 that the Microsoft 365 Copilot AI for Office app business subscribers could earn the company more than $10 billion in annualized revenue by 2026. The AI product costs $30 per person each month.