SnapLogic Adds Generative AI to Integration Platform

SnapLogic has released a generative artificial intelligence (AI) solution for integrating and automating business processes.

The new SnapGPT joins SnapLogic’s self-service, AI-powered integration platform and helps businesses connect applications and data sources and automate common workflows and processes by using natural language prompts, the company said in a Thursday (March 23) press release.

“SnapGPT is the next evolution, using AI to forever change the way integration is done and how businesses get the maximum benefits out of their enterprise automation,” SnapLogic CEO Gaurav Dhillon said in the release.

With SnapGPT, business users can specify in natural language the integrations they would like to achieve, and the generative AI solution will then create the necessary processing flows, expressions or scripts, according to the press release.

For example, SnapLogic said in the release, when a “quote to cash” product owner says in natural language that they would like to automatically create an invoice in NetSuite when an event is completed in, SnapGPT provides the complete pipeline to complete the task.

“It’s clear that generative AI will play a critical role in the future of integration, forever reshaping the technology landscape,” SnapLogic said in the release. “Non-technical users will now be able to use natural language to execute complex IT tasks, thus lowering technical barriers and enabling them to work faster and more efficiently.”

SnapGPT joins several recently announced generative AI-related products.

On Thursday, SoundHound AI launched an app that enables voice interaction with generative AI models.

The new SoundHound Chat AI is a voice assistant that enables brands and their customers to access tools like ChatGPT by talking.

Two days earlier, on Tuesday (March 21), announced that it has added generative AI to its SmartBots that are trained in finance language.

With this addition, the company’s SmartBots can automate finance workflows and engage with the user’s customers, suppliers, vendors and stakeholders through conversational email.

As PYMNTS reported Feb. 27, AI tools, while admittedly buzzy and in certain cases flawed, offer an attractive white space upside to businesses looking for help with consolidating and scaling historically patchwork operational processes and operations.