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Andreessen Horowitz Raises $7.2 Billion as VCs Focus on AI

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Andreessen Horowitz has raised $7.2 billion for tech startups including those in the AI sector.

The funding, announced by the venture capital (VC) group Tuesday (April 16), comes as the VC sector is increasingly focused on artificial intelligence (AI) as both an investment target and a tool for making investment decisions.

As PYMNTS has written, Andreessen Horowtiz is among the major players in the AI space. According to a company news release, the bulk of the new funding — $3.75 billion — will go to projects in Andreesen Horowtiz’s “Growth” category, for latter-stage startups, while $1.25 billion will be allocated for firms building AI infrastructure, and $1 billion for startups creating AI applications, with a team of investors focused on each category.

“Each area requires deep expertise, so it’s not wise to try to cross-train someone in, for example, Games and Infrastructure,” writes co-founder Ben Horowtiz. “More importantly, founders building AI foundation models need an entirely different set of networks and capabilities than founders building biotech therapies.”

A report Tuesday by the Financial Times notes that the funding marks the largest such effort by a VC firm in years, and part of a flood of money going into the AI sector since OpenAI’s ChatGPT took off in late 2022.

But as PYMNTS wrote earlier this month, AI “is no longer just a hot sector to pour money into — it’s now an essential tool for making savvy investment decisions.”

By quickly analyzing vast swaths of data on startups and market trends, AI helps VCs determine the most promising opportunities and make well-informed decisions about where to allocate their resources. And as the technology evolves, it’s changing the way venture capital operates and is shaping the future of startup funding. 

“The usefulness of AI in venture capital is about augmenting human capabilities with machine intelligence to sift through the noise and identify genuine opportunities with precision,” Steve Brotman, the founder and managing partner of growth equity firm Alpha Partners, told PYMNTS.

“With AI, we can analyze market trends, startup performance metrics, and other critical data points at a scale and speed that’s simply unattainable for a team of human analysts alone,” he added. “This improves efficiency and fundamentally enhances the ability to make informed, strategic decisions by providing a depth of insight into potential investments that were previously unimaginable.”