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Kyndryl Launches Generative AI-Powered Workflow Automation Service

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IT infrastructure services provider Kyndryl has introduced a generative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution designed to automate and modernize business processes. 

The new Kyndryl Workflow Orchestration services aim to streamline essential operations, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall digital workplace experience for both employees and customers, the company said in a Thursday (Jan. 18) press release

“The biggest impediment to improving the workplace experience for employees are legacy business processes that are complex and constrained due to components that don’t integrate or work well together,” Ivan Dopplé, senior vice president, global digital workplace services practice at Kyndryl, said in the release. 

The Kyndryl Workflow Orchestration services offer a solution for organizations seeking to capitalize on no-code/low-code solutions to improve business outcomes, according to the release. By leveraging workflow capabilities and AI automation, this solution eliminates complexity, reduces training and development costs, and maximizes return on investment. 

The service has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for employees to navigate and complete tasks efficiently, the release said. 

The solution also streamlines complex processes across different departments and enables seamless integrations, per the release. Real-time visibility and tracking of fully automated requests are provided, and information security and integrity are ensured through access controls, encryption and audit trails. 

Additionally, the solution requires zero manual interventions, minimizing the risk of human error, according to the release. 

It is scalable to accommodate increased workload demands and can be customized to meet specific business needs, offering flexibility and adaptability, the release said. 

To assist customers in their workflow transformation, Kyndryl offers Kyndryl Vital and Kyndryl Consult experts who provide advisory, implementation and managed services, per the release. These services include co-creation and design, strategic consulting and ongoing business process improvement. 

In another recent development in this space, Plenful raised $9 million in October to continue bringing its AI-powered workflow automation platform to healthcare and pharmacy operations. 

Plenful’s platform offers a range of automation capabilities, including document data entry, 340B auditing and savings identification, and pharmacy revenue cycle management. It features no-code infrastructure and flexible endpoints. 

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