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RiseAngle Leverages AI to Streamline Game Development

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Game developer RiseAngle has begun harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to streamline and enhance its creative workflow, joining a growing trend of studios embracing AI technology in game design. 

RiseAngle recently unveiled its AI Game Creator suite, a set of tools meant to make game creation easier with AI. The company claims its flagship product, the AI Match 3 Game Creator, allows users to create customized games in minutes without extensive technical knowledge or resources.

“Our long-term goal at RiseAngle is to simplify the complex game development process so that anyone can easily create unique, personalized games,” the company’s founder, Kaveh Vahdat, told PYMNTS. “Currently, less than 20 million game creators exist, and we want to enable 3 billion gamers to become game creators.”

The gaming industry is booming, with revenues hitting $184 billion in 2023. Each year, hundreds of new game titles are released, although the cost of development remains steep. Budgets for blockbuster games are projected to surpass $200 million in the near future, up from an average of $50 million to $150 million in the previous generation and $60 million in 2014.

RiseAngle is one of many companies racing to use generative AI to make game creation easier. For example, PYMNTS has reported that Jabali uses advanced generative AI technologies, including widely recognized open-source models and its custom solutions, to support content creation in video games. The company also uses established cloud computing and gaming technologies to operate its AI-based game engine, reflecting current trends in video game production.

Transforming Game Creation Through AI

The AI Match 3 Game Creator marks the beginning of RiseAngle’s strategy to remake the gaming industry. The tool enables creators to produce a unique, personalized Match 3 game by filling out a form describing their desired story and graphic preferences. Within 24 hours, the creator receives a completed game without the need for game design, coding, or art asset creation.

Vahdat said RiseAngle’s platform is unique among no-code game development tools because it integrates over 100 tech modules featuring numerous generative AI components. These modules automatically create games from simple user inputs, removing many of the traditional obstacles that have kept aspiring game developers from realizing their visions.

The potential implications of AI-driven game development tools like RiseAngle’s AI Game Creator are far-reaching. By democratizing game creation and making it more accessible, these tools could unleash a new wave of creativity and innovation in the gaming industry, leading to a greater variety of games and the emergence of entirely new game genres.

Overcoming Challenges With AI

However, the integration of AI into game development has its challenges. One of the main hurdles, according to Vahdat, is ensuring consistency in game creation while allowing for user creativity. “Navigating the integration of true generative AI in game development is like exploring uncharted territories,” he said. “One challenge involves achieving consistent game creations from the wide variety of user inputs, balancing creativity with consistency.”

Another significant obstacle is content moderation, particularly in preventing the creation of games with discriminatory, illegal, violent, or inappropriate content. RiseAngle addresses this issue by employing a combination of automated filters and manual reviews to maintain the integrity and appropriateness of the games generated through their platform.

Despite these challenges, observers say that AI’s potential benefits in gaming are immense. As AI technology advances, significant changes are expected in how games are created and experienced. Vahdat predicts that AI will lead to a “universal improvement in game quality and a surge in the number of available games,” as well as the emergence of new game genres that were previously impossible to create.

Moreover, AI has the potential to revolutionize the player experience by enabling the creation of personalized and adaptive games that tailor themselves to individual players’ skills and preferences. “Personalized and adaptive games tailored to players’ skills and preferences will emerge and go mainstream,” said Vahdat. “This means games will be created as you play; the next levels, characters you meet, and gameplay difficulty will vary each time, based on your past gameplay, and created on the fly.”