Bitcoin Daily: Fujitsu Launches Blockchain Rewards System, Japanese Regulator May Deny Crypto Exchange’s Registration


SAP is rolling out a cloud service to allow companies to build apps using technology in the style of a digital ledger, TechCrunch reported. SAP joins firms such as Oracle and Amazon, which have already released blockchain services for its clients. The release comes after a survey of 250 customers that found enterprises were interested in looking into blockchain technology – even though it’s in its early days. The technology could have a range of applications, such as helping with supply chain management.

In other news, a regulator in Japan is reportedly about to refuse a business registration from a crypto exchange, CoinDesk reported. The Financial Services Agency (FSA) may reject the application from the FSHO trading platform because it had reportedly failed to abide by Japanese financial rules in the past. While the agency has allowed similar exchanges without full approval from regulators, it did issue two suspension orders to the firm in March and April.

And U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Jay Clayton has a message for those seeking to offer digital tokens: “If you have an ICO or a stock, and you want to sell it in a private placement, follow the private placement rules,” Clayton told CNBC. “If you want to do any IPO with a token, come see us.”

Clayton also believes that the cryptocurrency market needs attention as scam artists are leaving the country after taking cash from U.S. investors in initial coin offerings (ICOs), Bloomberg reported. “We’ve got guys with bags of cash headed to the border,” Clayton said at a conference on Wednesday (June 6). “That’s not our securities market.”

In other news, Fujitsu is rolling out a blockchain rewards system designed for retailers, CoinDesk reported. The idea behind the system is to tokenize points and coupons, and store the transactions in a decentralized way: “With this service, users can collect digital points or stamps by reading QR codes located in specific areas with smart devices, and then exchange them for coupons and other benefits,” Fujitsu said in an announcement, adding that the transactions are recorded on a ledger for later analysis.