Buy Now Pay Later Provider Ranking Shows Little Movement

Read now, understand now. It’s not an app but the Provider Ranking of Buy Now Pay Later Apps, where many players have settled into a groove.

We love writing about this group of groundbreaking POS lenders, but when they don’t move much in the rankings, it leaves us saying “well done” and wrapping up quick.


The Top 5

In a stunning non-upset, Affirm and Klarna remain locked in quasi-eternal competition at No. 1.

That’ll change at some point, but we have no idea when.

Afterpay is still chilling at No. 2.

Clocking in at No. 3 it’s Zip, which recently exited most of its markets to focus.

Japan-based Paidy is where we left it at No. 4.

Sizzling at No. 5 is Sezzle, which may be going public this year.

The Top 10

It continues below the line as New Zealand-based Laybuy holds onto chart position No. 6.

There is a new tie at. No. 7, so that’s exciting. Vying for the spot is Lazypay, which was already there, now joined by FuturePay, which leaps up two spots.

Taking us out at No. 8 where it has seemed content enough recently is the Humm app.

Sometimes it’s as simple as that. Like this time.