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Start-ups Move Into the Big Leagues
April 08, 2014

Several new payments startups earned recognition this week for swimming into the big leagues and, highlight this week’s Startup Roundup. One such company, PayStand, said bye-bye to beta to take on magnate PayPal.

In Depth
StartUp RoundUp: Guess Who’s Headed to the Bank?
April 01, 2014

New ways to raise money, meet other businesses and battle fraud drove some very happy start-ups all the way to the bank. Find out who got how much and from whom.

Merchant Innovation
Crowdfunding And Raw-Data Evaluator Startups Score Funding Prizes
March 25, 2014

Several startups, including one led by astrophysicists, and a database-delivery provider highlight this week’s Startup Roundup.

Startup Roundup: Who’s Getting Funded?
April 23, 2012

Here’s our Startup Roundup: a (close-to-) comprehensive list of each of the startup companies in payments and/or e-commerce to receive at least $1 million in funding from equity investors in 2012. We’ll update this list regularly, with funding dates, amounts, and quick company bios. Missing...