Startup Roundup

Startup Roundup
Startup Roundup: Across Channels And Borders
October 31, 2017

It’s been an exciting month for startups. One launched a new fraud module after a successful beta phase; another officially integrated with international payment rails; a third was white-labeled by one of the top five merchant acquirers in the world (and also got a new...

Startup Roundup
Startup Roundup: The Name Of The Game Is Speed
October 06, 2017

While all startups are doing their own thing and trying to solve different problems, many of those problems boil down to the same core issue: From onboarding to payouts and everything in between, the old way of doing things is just too slow. For the...

Startup Roundup
The Start-Up Secret Sauce
August 25, 2017

For all the wonderful things to be said for entrepreneurship, there remains this fact: It is extremely hard work that carries with it no guarantee of reward past a useful education in failure. Great American inventor Thomas Edison famously responded to claims of his light...

Financial Inclusion
Mobile Commerce Security is the Name of the Game
May 20, 2014

Coupons, rewards, and data oh my! These startups are in the business of keeping customers and other businesses secure while they enjoy the benefits of mobile commerce. Find out who got what and how much.

Point And Click With No Schtick
May 13, 2014

XX Startups promise to make payments life a breeze. EMV. eCommerce. OpenStack. All at the click of a mouse.

Standing with the Startups
May 06, 2014

This week, the funding gods smiled on innovators who are reinventing the ways in which consumers borrow, merchants acquire customers, and issuers keep cardholder data safe. Find out who got what and how much.

Shh, These Startups Are Still Working On Changing The Future
April 29, 2014

What rolls, floats among the clouds and allow complete security? The start-ups in this week's Start-up Roundup! We have AdRoll changing the face of marketing, Luminol and Electric Cloud securing data and Synack keeping everything in perspective.

Merchant Innovation
These Start-ups Save Consumers Time and Money
April 22, 2014

Several e-commerce startups, including StarWind, global leader in software storage, highlight this week’s Startup Roundup.

Driving Startups’ Funding This Week:
April 15, 2014

Several e-commerce startups, including GrabTaxi, a ridesharing startup in Southeast Asia, highlight this week’s Startup Roundup.