Subscription Commerce

Subscription Commerce
Atomic Launches Subscription Management Tech for Banking Apps
May 21, 2024

Atomic has launched a subscription management technology that can be added to banking apps. With the addition of PayLink Manage, financial institutions can enable their account holders to view and make real-time changes to all their recurring payments — all within their banking app, the company said in a...

Subscription Commerce
Duolingo Credits GenAI for 54% Leap in Paid Subscribers
May 10, 2024

Duolingo reportedly credits generative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features for the 54% leap in paid subscribers it recorded in the first quarter. “What we’re seeing is that people are willing to pay even more to learn a language through generative AI,” Matt Skaruppa, chief financial officer at Duolingo, told the...

Subscription Commerce
Peloton Drops Free-Membership Tier After Less-Than-Expected Results
April 15, 2024

Connected fitness company Peloton has stopped offering an unlimited free-membership tier that was once a key part of its growth strategy. The free tier for the company’s app was added in May 2023 to attract new customers but was dropped within the last few weeks after failing...

Subscription Commerce
BarkBox Service Lets Well-Heeled Dogs Fly in Style
April 14, 2024

No pet parent relishes the idea of their dog traveling in a plane’s cargo hold. A new service by subscription dog treat company BarkBox aims to end that situation for pet lovers who can afford it. As Bloomberg News reported Friday (April 12), Bark Air lets dog owners reserve...

Subscription Commerce
Paid Subscriptions Credited for Spike in Recorded Music Revenues
March 22, 2024

Global recorded music revenues exploded in 2023, thanks mainly to a surge in paid streaming subscribers. According to The IFPI Global Music Report, revenues from recorded music worldwide were up 10.2% last year to $28.6 billion, surpassing 2022’s 9% increase and marking the ninth consecutive...

Subscription Commerce
Spotify Expands Audiobook Offerings as Competitive Pricing Drives Consumer Engagement
March 05, 2024

With more readers turning to digital platforms for their literary fix, demand for audiobooks continues to soar.  Against this backdrop, subscription services are seizing the opportunity to capitalize on this growing trend as part of broader efforts to secure subscribers’ long-term loyalty. Spotify’s recent rollout...

Subscription Commerce
Barsys CEO: Millennials, Gen Z Increasingly Buying Booze via Subscriptions
January 17, 2024

As eCommerce channels come to account for a greater share of total beer, wine and spirits sales, the founder and CEO of Barsys predicts that Generation Z and millennial consumers will purchase their alcoholic beverages via subscription service more and more. In an interview with...

Subscription Commerce
Refund Features Keep Subscription Shoppers From Canceling
December 22, 2023

Understanding subscriber preferences is the lifeblood of subscription commerce — even more so in a digital economy. Subscription businesses that ignore this do so at their peril: Our research finds that 25% of retail subscribers who prefer to shop online at will for retail items...

Subscription Commerce
Dating Subscriptions Begin to Threaten Users’ Loyalty as Apps Drive Monetization
December 07, 2023

As dating apps look to monetize more and more parts of the user experience, many young consumers are reportedly growing frustrated.   According to Bloomberg, many young consumers are taking to social media apps to voice their annoyance with recent changes to dating giant Match Group’s apps,...