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Intuit Launches QuickBooks Bill Pay to Automate AP Process

Intuit, the financial technology platform, has announced the launch of QuickBooks Bill Pay, which aims to transform bill pay for businesses while delivering accounts payable (AP) automation.

This integration within the QuickBooks platform allows businesses to seamlessly track and pay bills, eliminating the need for disparate solutions and reducing the risk of late or missed payments, according to a Monday (Oct. 16) press release.

David Talach, senior vice president of the QuickBooks Money Platform at Intuit, emphasized the importance of improving cash flow for small businesses. He said, “Across the QuickBooks platform, we’re revolutionizing money movement to improve the number one problem small businesses face — cash flow.”

QuickBooks Bill Pay offers a range of features to streamline bill payments and enhance vendor and contractor management. These include automatic bill creation, ownership roles for employees, effortless organization of books, paperless and tax-ready records, flexible payment options, and streamlined 1099s. These features aim to simplify the bill pay process, improve record-keeping, and ensure compliance.

In addition to these features, QuickBooks Bill Pay enhances the Intuit QuickBooks Business Network, a business-to-business (B2B) network focused on accelerating and automating B2B payments. When a small business sends a payment through QuickBooks Bill Pay, vendors who are not part of the QuickBooks Business Network will receive an invitation to join. This allows vendors to securely save their payment details for future payments, reducing errors associated with manual entry.

QuickBooks Bill Pay offers different pricing plans to meet the needs of businesses of any size. QuickBooks Online customers in the U.S. can choose between three flexible plans: Basic, Premium, or Elite. To encourage adoption, QuickBooks is offering a promotional offer of 50% off the monthly base price for QuickBooks Bill Pay (Premium or Elite) for the first three months of service.

Intuit recently launched a financial educational program for high school students. This program aims to teach students the skills needed to run a business by providing fully operational food trucks to school districts. Through this program, students gain real-world experience and develop financial, technical, and entrepreneurial skills.

The program was initially launched in California’s Compton Unified School District, and will be rolled out to other school districts, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas and Reno. These districts were picked based on Intuit’s commitment to helping underserved students.