Today in the Connected Economy: Stripe Partners With Spreedly, Celonis


Today in the connected economy, payment processing firm Stripe expands its partnership with Spreedly, and agrees to share technology with process mining firm Celonis.

Also, micro-mobility company Helbiz forms an integration with buy now, pay later (BNPL) firm Klarna, and Alasdair McLean-Foreman, CEO of marketplace optimization platform Teikametrics, tells PYMNTS’ Karen Webster how third-party marketplaces can operate in Amazon’s margins.

Spreedly Offers More Payment Methods With Stripe

Payment orchestration platform Spreedly has expanded on its partnership with Stripe to offer additional local payment methods.

“An effective payments strategy is built on working with the right payment partners — and offering the right payment methods,” Spreedly said.

The partnership will see Spreedly offer increased access to Stripe’s alternative payment methods (APMs) as well as Radar, Stripe’s anti-fraud tool, which extends to Spreedly’s original partnership with Stripe.

Stripe and Celonis Focus on Simplification in Tech Partnership

Stripe is also working with execution management and process mining firm Celonis, with the companies joining forces to deploy each other’s technology “to drive simplification and value for their customers.”

Celonis’ Execution Management System (EMS) will help Stripe upgrade its user onboarding to make it faster and more efficient for Stripe customers to access the global online economy.

Micro-Mobility Platform Helbiz Integrates With Klarna

Days after its plans to go public, micro-mobility company Helbiz formed an integration with buy now, pay later (BNPL) firm Klarna.

“This integration provides flexibility to riders to decide how they pay for their trips and furthers Helbiz’s goal of opening up mobility options for more people,” Helbiz Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Hannestad said Thursday. “We’re excited about the opportunity that this partnership will open. As everyday consumers transition away from traditional payments methods, this prepares Helbiz for the future.”

Klarna users will be able to use the service to top up their Helbiz Wallet accounts with Klarna split payments for amounts above $35, and pay for Helbiz unlimited and yearly subscriptions.

Third-Party Marketplaces See Opportunity Around Amazon’s Margins

Third-party sellers are figuring out that Amazon isn’t the only online marketplace in town. For other platforms willing to put in the effort, capturing even the slightest bit of a market that’s projected to see exponential growth in the coming years provides a case for innovation.

Amazon’s latest earnings report show more than half of units sold came from third-party sellers, adding immense value to the platform, but Alasdair McLean-Foreman, CEO of marketplace optimization platform Teikametrics, told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster he sees a reckoning.

“Going back to 2020, [there’s been] hard blocking on certain inventory types, [and] consistently challenging [Inventory Performance Index (IPI)] scores varying by category,” he said. “If you’re on low-margin goods and you’re in a fiscally competitive category, it’s really challenging.”