Crypto Exchange Provider Ranking’s Triumvirate of Binance, Coinbase and Remain on Top

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It’s probably worth pointing out that thanks to ties, there are now nine members of the top five cryptocurrency exchange providers in PYMNTS Cryptocurrency Exchange Provider Ranking.

That, really, is indicative of the growth of the industry as crypto continues to go further and further mainstream.

PYMNTS’ report, “The U.S. Crypto Consumer: Cryptocurrency Use in Online and in-Store Purchases,” found that nearly 60 million Americans own or have owned crypto in the past 12 months.

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However, the names of the top cryptocurrency app providers remain the same. Binance, Coinbase and once again share the top spot with perfect scores. And once again, virtually all of the app providers on the list are crypto exchanges.

The Top Five

Of those No. 1 winners, Binance is by far the largest, with 22 million weekly visits. Coinbase is next with nearly 2.2 million, and is just behind at almost 2 million. kept its place in the top slot for a second consecutive month, having tied with Binance and Coinbase in April.

KuCoin, which fell out of the top five in April, muscled its way back in, jumping all the way to No. 2 from ninth position last month.

Third place was a tie between’s Bitcoin Wallet — up from No. 4 — tied with last month’s No. 2, Voyager.

Huobi and OKEx split the honors at fourth place, while Gemini fell back one slot to fifth but retained in its place in the upper half.

The Top 10

The Abra: Bitcoin & Crypto Wallet maintained a slot in the top 10 after last month’s rocket-like, 27-point rise with a solidly respectable sixth place, down one position. However, that also represented a 12-point drop from a score of 86 to a 74.

At No. 7, BitPay is the first non-exchange wallet on the list, a fairly high hurdle.

BitMart took eighth place, while BlockFi and Singapore-based Phemex went nose-to-nose in the ninth slot.

Last is the CEX.IO exchange’s wallet, which returned to the top 10 after a one-month hiatus.