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PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: Snapchat Files IPO

With just five years under its belt, disappearing message app Snapchat filed for its IPO this week. Ahead of its share sale, which may be happening as soon as the first week of March, Snapchat filed the official S-1 public on Thursday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

To keep itself going in an upward trajectory, Snapchat has outlined its path via keeping users on the app often and adding more Snappers on a regular basis. With social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at its heels, this will prove to be a tough goal to reach and maintain.

Here are the numbers:

$404.5 million | Revenue reported in 2016

158 million | Users reported in Q4 of 2016

$514.6 million | Reported 2016 net loss

$3.7 billion | Amount of stock each of Snapchat’s two investors held as of December 2016

$25 billion | Number Snapchat valuation could reach

$21 billion | Amount of diluted valuation as of December 31, 2016

$1 billion | Target revenue post IPO filing

$1.05 | Revenue per user in 2016

$0.31 | Revenue per user in 2015

$7 | Daily revenue per user for Facebook in Q4 of 2016

$70 billion | Amount spent annually by marketers on TV ads

10 percent | Level that no one advertiser goes over

89 percent | Amount of voting shares founders possess

26 | Amount of tech IPOs in 2016

$4.3 billion | Combined amount raised by 2016 tech IPOs


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