Peloton Connected Fitness Subscriptions Grow 114 Percent

Peloton posted fourth quarter earnings results that saw connected fitness subscriptions grow 114 percent year over year to over 2.33 million, according to a press release.

Other headline numbers included paid digital subscription growth of 176 percent to over 874,000 and total membership growth to over 5.9 million, the release stated.

Peloton’s workouts increased 75 percent year over year to 134.3 million, according to the release. The company averaged 19.9 monthly workouts per connected fitness subscription. That was a boost from 24.7 a year ago.

The average net monthly connected fitness churn came out to 0.73 percent, and the 12-month retention rate was 92 percent, the release stated.

Total Peloton revenue grew by 54 percent year over year to $937 million, according to the release.

In July, Peloton announced that it will be breaking into the video game industry, offering a game called “Lanebreak,” which will see riders modifying their cadence and resistance to complete goals. The game will be available in the company’s app and will involve a members-only beta debuting later in 2021.

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Earlier this year, Peloton announced it was considering getting into wearable tech to monitor a user’s heart rate.

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A Peloton armband, as proposed, would come with separate sizes and be able to sync up with the exercise company’s other products. The band would add onto the company’s other heart rate monitor product and be able to track a user’s workout intensity and show features like battery level.

In addition, Peloton rolled out a new corporate wellness program to help reach new users.

Critics have pointed out that demand for Peloton might wane as the pandemic eases up and people return more readily to regular gyms. But the rise of the delta variant could complicate that.