Peloton Plans In-App Video Game For Workout Without An Instructor, Report Says

Peloton will be entering the video game industry with a new game called “Lanebreak,” which will have to do with riders changing their cadence and resistance to complete various goals, a report from The Verge says.

The game will be available in Peloton’s app. While it’s not currently available, the report says it will have a members-only beta later in the year. There were no details as of press time on how users will be able to sign up.

The Verge writes that the game is somewhat similar to Mario Kart’s “Rainbow Road” track, where the user is trying to stay on track in an outer space setting. The “Lanebreak” game will see users able to choose difficulty levels, the type of music they feel like hearing and how long the track goes on.

The Verge reports that the game contains several ways to earn points, including pickups, where a user earns points if they stay in the lane the game dictates, streams, which offer rewards based on cadence, and breakers, which offer points based on energy output.

The Verge notes that the debut of a video game might signal Peloton’s commitment to diversity of content, especially as Netflix also considers putting out a video game.

Peloton is also bringing new features for the workplace, according to reports.

Peloton Corporate Wellness, which will work to bring connected fitness products to U.S. businesses, will be operating in several countries including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany and Australia.

Organizations will now be able to offer subsidized access to tailored enterprise features.

Workplace wellness programs, according to a recent study by the Washington Post, might offer new camaraderie opportunities and help employees focus more on health. But at the same time, the study found that there was no real effect on companies’ bottom lines in terms of health spending.