Beauty Sector Ready for Digital Closeup

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Industries that hung on and saw improvement during the pandemic quickly embraced digital processes and did a fast pivot to get merchandise to consumers via curbside pickup and fast, at-home delivery. 

The digital makeover of the beauty industry attracted more online consumers in 2021 than at the start of the pandemic in 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down, PYMNTS’ latest research shows.

Beauty products could have been a tough sell online, with customers used to in-person colors, scents and formulas and the ability to sample one palette or another while pursuing aisles backlit with beautiful displays. But digital technology was able to bring the experience to consumers’ screens, enhanced by influencers, live streaming and try-on tools for a “how will this look on me” effect.

In PYMNTS’ “Beauty And Wellness Digital Payments Tracker,” 12% of respondents said they shopped more online in 2021 for beauty and wellness products. The survey showed that 36% of non-Amazon sites selling beauty and wellness merchandise offer a feedback tool, giving consumers a fast way to ask questions and resolve issues.  

Live online assistance and product recommendations powered by smart algorithms are other digital improvements that have made shopping digitally for cosmetics a more engaging experience.

Having live advice from a real person matters to shoppers online just as much as in a store. Personalization features, along with a seamless, multichannel customer experience, can help meet expectations both online and in-person.

The “Beauty And Wellness Digital Payments Tracker,” a PYMNTS and American Express collaboration, takes a deep look into how digital payment solutions have created new opportunities for online beauty and wellness retailers to attract and keep customers.