Google Assistant Now Connected To More Than 5,000 Devices

Google announced news on Thursday (May 3) that its Google Assistant is now connected to more than 5,000 devices in the home.

In a blog post, Michele Turner, director of Smart Home Ecosystem at Google, said that number is up from 1,500 in January. The connected devices include cameras, dishwashers, doorbells, dryers, lights, plugs, thermostats, security systems, switches, vacuums, washers, fans, locks, sensors, heaters, AC units, air purifiers, refrigerators and ovens.

“With the Google Assistant, we’re working to make this experience a lot better, so you can easily control all the devices and appliances in your home with just your voice. Over the past year, we’ve made great progress ensuring that the Google Assistant can work with all types of connected devices, and now every major device brand works with the Assistant in the U.S,” wrote Turner in the blog post.

According to Google, one of the most popular ways people have been using the Google Assistant in their homes is to watch movies, TV shows and to play music. Media and entertainment queries, noted Turner, have jumped 400 percent in the past six months. Millions of people already use it on smart TVs powered by Android TV, she said, noting that Google is registering “tremendous” growth.

“We’re also helping you control set top boxes and remotes with the Google Assistant. Rolling out this month, DISH’s Hopper family of receivers will work with the Google Assistant, so people in millions of U.S. homes can operate their TV using their voice and a Google Assistant device,” Turner said. “Just say ‘Hey, Google, play ESPN on the Hopper’ to your Google Assistant, and your TV will automatically tune to the right channel.”

The Google executive noted that consumers with a Nest Hello doorbell can now get alerts from Google Assistant if someone rings their doorbell, sending a chime to the smart speaker or phone with an option to view a live stream via mobile device, TV or any of its new line of Smart Display devices, which will be rolled out later in 2018.

“This Nest product was the first to ship with this feature, and we’ll enable Assistant notifications on more home security devices from other popular brands later this year,” said Turner. “We’re also adding more popular security alarm brands that will now work with your Google Assistant, including ADT, First Alert and Vivint Smart Home, smart door locks from August and Schlage and home security cameras from Panasonic.”