Bolt Founder Ryan Breslow Launches Curated Wellness Marketplace Called Love

Bolt Founder and Chairman Ryan Breslow has launched a new venture.

The new company, of which Breslow is founder and CEO, launched Monday (May 1) and is a curated wellness marketplace called Love.

“At Love, we’re creating space in the world for Love and Healing,” Breslow said in a Monday thread on Twitter. “Love has launched one of the internet’s first Curated Wellness Marketplaces to help you search and discover the best products out there.”

The marketplace features products sourced from around the world and vetted by a process that includes consumer feedback, scientific advisory reviews and a proprietary Love Score that encompasses safety and quality, according to the company’s website.

Love has also partnered with Radicle Science, a provider of proof-as-a-service for non-pharmaceuticals, to enable clinical trials of supplements, the companies said in a March 2 press release.

“This unprecedented and unique partnership signals an important step for the community who want to trust the products they purchase from our site are indeed the most effective options,” Breslow said in the release. “As a trusted marketplace, we are committed to helping the consumer optimize their health.”

The company has deals with 40 brands; offers 600 products like vitamins and supplements; and competes with hundreds of other online sellers in the wellness industry, Bloomberg reported Tuesday (May 2).

The firm has raised $15 million from investors, according to the report.

This launch comes about five years after that of Bolt.

Breslow and co-founder Eric Feldman launched Bolt in 2018 aiming to consolidate the average payments stack of half a dozen to a dozen tools into a single product that could improve the performance of each of its constituent parts.

In January 2022, the firm secured $355 million during a Series E funding round that brought its total funding to $1 billion.

During the previous year, Bolt had grown gross merchandise value per merchant by 80%, its number of accounts by 180% and its transactions by 200% year over year.

Weeks later, Breslow stepped down as CEO and became executive chairman of Bolt after a blog post and tweets that caused some turbulent waters for the company, which had been valued at $11 billion in the recent funding round.

Breslow told Bloomberg that additional projects at his new venture, Love, include an online community, telehealth services and social events.

“Love’s marketplace is just a first step,” Breslow said, per the report.