RBS Citizens Shares Secret To Innovation

Todd Doherty, vice president of consumer lending operations at RBS Citizens, had a problem on his hands: His project management team and his operations team were functioning in silos, costs were overrunning, delivery times were delayed and deadlines were missed.

Combined, these problems were bad, but according to Doherty, something worse was resulting, and customers were being impacted. Doherty needed a jolt of innovation ─ a way to unite his teams to foster innovation and collaboration.

Ultimately, Doherty found that solution with the help of a long-time partner, TSYS.

RBS Citizens uses all of TSYS’ services, and had even helped the company conduct beta tests in the past (Jump to 0:10). But, it wasn’t any of these solutions that helped Doherty resolve his issue. Rather, it was TSYS’ Idea Center, its in-house resource for creative solutions.

“My expectation was that I would go to the Idea Center and actually touch and feel new products, new plastics or new point-of-sale devices or some physical, some tangible thing,” Doherty told to 1:08). “I wasn’t disappointed, but it was a really different experience.”

Doherty reported that instead he and his team met with very creative individuals who were able to take ideas and transform them into presentations and displays. This, he says, is when the ideas really began to take off.

How did TSYS’ Idea Center break down walls for the RBS Citizens team (Jump to 2:27), and what did Doherty walk away with from this experience? (Jump to 3:59). Listen to Doherty recount his trip with in full here.


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Todd Doherty, VP of Consumer Lending operations, RBS Citizens Business Services


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