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Credit Junction Pulls In $2 Million Seed Funding

The Credit Junction, which focuses on supply chain financing to industrial and manufacturing small and mid-sized enterprises, has confirmed $2 million in seed funding led by GLI Finance Limited.

“This investment is a perfect fit within our strategy of focusing on niche lending to SMEs and enables us to add another U.S. platform to our portfolio,” said GLI CEO Geoff Miller. “We are delighted that (Credit Junction CEO Michael Finklestein) and his team have chosen to partner with us and we look forward to building on this investment.”

Finklestein predictably responded in kind. “We are thrilled to have GLIF lead this investment round and extremely excited to work with Geoff and his team. The Credit Junction’s vision is to transform the way small and mid-size enterprises finance their supply chain and working capital needs. We look forward to working with the GLIF family of investments and finding synergies to bring added value to the network.”

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