NEW REPORT: When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There … Now?

Being smarter than the competition can have its advantages in everything from athletics to business. So, by this thinking, can smarter IoT-powered technology provide the same advantage?

The latest issue of the Intelligence of Things (IoT) Tracker explores the latest news from around the IoT space, including how companies are looking to use IoT to get — and stay — ahead of the competition. 

Around the IoT world 

The fashion industry is a fickle beast. It’s a tall order for designers to get a leg up on the competition by predicting what the next season’s style will be. But, based on recent developments and debuts from IoT technology providers, there’s a good chance the next biggest trend in fashion could involve wearable tech. 

STATSports, which partners with professional athletic teams on GPS-enabled tracking and analytics equipment, recently announced a collaboration with Taoglas, a wireless solutions provider, to develop a new wearable sports performance monitor. The monitor is intended to help athletes improve performance by gathering and analyzing real-time data. 

Meanwhile, FitPay Inc. announced it is will offer prepaid capabilities on wearable devices connected to the FitPay Payment Platform. According to reports, the company is planning to launch the FitPay Prepaid Mastercard to give consumers with FitPay’s contactless payment-enabled devices the ability to directly store funds.

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Making deliveries faster and smarter

Most shipping companies will get your package to its destination within 48 hours, and give you a general sense of where it is along the supply chain while it’s in transit. But, for some, including companies like airlines or medical organizations, an extra speed and transparency infusion has the potential to help alleviate high stakes situations. 

Airspace Technologies, a technology-enabled logistics company specializing in time-critical shipments, founded by Nick Bulcao, is looking to serve those who need that extra touch. The company is using IoT, including a recently announced integration with Amazon’s intelligence-enabled assistant Alexa, to offer real-time tracking and rapid delivery.

For the August Tracker’s feature story, PYMNTS caught up with Bulcao for a discussion about the company’s efforts to use IoT to improve upon traditional tracking and delivery services and capabilities. 

“They’ve just been doing the same thing for the last 40 or 50 years,” Bulcao said. “That’s the way they’ve done business and obviously, they’ve made a lot of money doing business that way so they just hadn’t changed. They hadn’t adapted to the new technology that’s out there.”

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