Computer Services Inc. Sets Up Loan Platform For Financial Institutions

Bank Loans

Paducah, Kentucky-based Computer Services Inc. (CSI) announced on Tuesday (July 13) the launch of its CSI Loan Marketplace, with the goal of helping financial institutions (FIs) gain access to a nationwide market of commercial and consumer loans.

“The economic downturn has made it vital for financial institutions to diversify their portfolios,” said Gio Mastronardi, CSI’s group president of enterprise banking. “CSI Loan Marketplace allows financial institutions to secure more opportunities, drive efficiency and maximize their earning capacity.”

In a press release, CSI said that its new centralized platform would allow FIs to buy, sell and participate in loan transactions of all kinds. Banks can use the platform to rebalance their portfolio in line with their investment plans. In addition, the release said that FIs can expand their geographic footprint.

CSI offers digital banking, payments processing, print and electronic document distribution, as well as regulatory compliance solutions, to FIs and other corporate customers both in the U.S. and abroad. CSI said its computer services include mobile and online banking along with web design and hosting.

CSI’s new platform is powered by Community Capital Technology. The New York City-based startup offers a digital platform for managing loan portfolios for such organizations as regional banks, community banks, credit unions and non-bank loan originators.

“The CSI Loan Marketplace provides CSI customers with a more direct, transparent and seamless way to manage their loan portfolios and source new opportunities or partners,” said Garrett Smith, Community Capital’s CEO. “We are pleased to work with CSI.”

Earlier this year, CSI announced a collaboration with Autobooks to provide FIs with the technologies they require to help small business clients better handle their finances. “By partnering with Autobooks, we’re providing our financial institution customers with a robust, cohesive platform that helps them serve their small business customers in new and exciting ways,” said CSI President and COO David Culbertson.