Buy Now, Pay Later App Provider Ranking Sees Two Apps Far Ahead of the Rest of the Field

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In this month’s edition of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Buy Now, Pay Later Apps, the leaders seem to be saying, “Bye now, see you later” to the rest of the field, as they have a 14-point lead over the runner-up. 

For the most part, the apps are ranked in the same order as they were last month. The one exception is a contender that is now tied with the app that was ahead of it last time. 

Beyond that, a highlight in this month’s edition is one mover and shaker that has added four points to its score. 

The Top 5

The two returning champions that are sharing the top spot as they did last month are Affirm and Klarna. Each has a score of 100 — a score that’s hard to beat. 

Fourteen points behind is the runner-up, Afterpay. With a score of 86, this app retains the same position it had last time. 

Making a repeat appearance in the No. 3 position is Zip. With a score that’s four points higher than last time — now at 80 — this app is this month’s biggest mover and shaker. 

After another gap in the field — 13 points this time — there’s the fourth-ranked contender. Paidy holds onto its spot in the rankings with a score of 67. 

There’s a tie at No. 5 with two contenders earning scores of 60. Laybuy has moved up one position from last month and now shares this spot with Sezzle, which was here last time. 

The Top 10 

Also moving up one position in the rankings is FuturePay. This app has achieved a score of 53. 

Eleven points back from that is the seventh-ranked contender LazyPay, with a score of 42. 

Not far behind is Humm, with a score of 38. This app has also gained a spot in the rankings since last time. 

Next up is Brighte. With a score of 19, this app holds the No. 9 spot and closes out this month’s edition of the Provider Ranking of Buy Now, Pay Later Apps.