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NEW REPORT: From Apps To Amazon, Why TGI Fridays Is All In On Mobile Order-Ahead

The mobile revolution has hit the dining industry and is becoming a staple for QSRs, fast casual restaurants and beyond. And recently, some brands that have already introduced and found success through mobile ordering apps are experimenting with expanding mobile ordering real estate. 

The latest PYMNTS Mobile Order-Ahead Tracker™ features news on restaurants around the space expanding their use of mobile order-ahead smart technology to entice new customers and offer improved ordering experiences.

Around the World of Mobile Order-Ahead

Mobile order-ahead services are paying big dividends for QSR restaurants that have already invested in the smart technology. With recently published statistics indicating that the tech can lead to increases in average customer order prices and decreases in labor costs, it should come as no surprise that brands that have adopted the tech are expanding its use. 

Shake Shack, for instance, is making mobile ordering more inclusive. The company debuted an Android version of its mobile ordering software after the iOS mobile app was downloaded more than 200,000 times in four months.

And even Disney World is looking to offer its guests more mobile ordering options. The company recently added the capability to its D-Luxe Burger location in Disney Springs, expanding on mobile meal service options that were debuted in theme parks earlier this year.

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TGI Fridays Serves New Customers with Mobile Order-Dhead

Even dine-in restaurants are looking to expand their use of mobile order-ahead technology. Less than a year after debuting a mobile ordering app and seeing off-premise sales climb 30 percent in the aftermath, national chain TGI Fridays became the debut partner of Amazon’s Pay Places mobile ordering service. 

In an interview, Gail Seanor, TGI Fridays' senior director of marketing technology, told PYMNTS that the company’s mobile order-ahead efforts have all been about one thing: creating new customers.

“We’ve found that no matter how they are ordering, when we add a new take-out method, it’s typically bringing in new customers to the restaurant, not customers who already come here to dine in,” Seanor said. “So, we’re looking for strategic partnerships to help us expand those options.”

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The PYMNTS Mobile Order-Ahead Tracker™ serves as a monthly framework for the space, providing coverage of the most recent news and trends, along with a provider directory highlighting the key players contributing across the segments that comprise the mobile order-ahead ecosystem. 



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