Bill Sheedy, President for the Americas | Visa

William SheedyAs President for The Americas, Bill Sheedy oversees the company’s client relationships with card issuers, merchants, merchant acquirers and third-party processors in North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

In this edition of our Captains of the Industry series, Sheedy talks about his work with Visa and what he believes the future has in store for the payments industry.



Executive Bio: Before serving as President for The Americas, Bill Sheedy served as president of North America and global head of corporate strategy and business development. Prior to his leadership role in Visa’s corporate restructure and successful initial public offering in 2007, he was responsible for expanding merchant acceptance and consumer usage of Visa, while providing oversight of areas responsible for industry cost and revenue studies, merchant incentive programs and improving the point-of-sale operating performance of Visa products. Sheedy has also been key in supporting Visa product and brand strategies as well as other initiatives that are critical to realizing Visa’s long-term growth potential.

Sheedy joined Visa USA in May 1993. Prior to joining, he spent three years with Ford Motor Company’s First Nationwide Bank, where he was responsible for asset and liability planning and profit/expense forecasting.

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